Our Mission

We have a different approach to antibody discovery.

GigaGen's mission is to empower its biopharma R&D customers to discover the world's best prophylactic and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies using natural genetic diversity.

Our unique technology uses microfluidics, bioinformatics, and next-generation sequencing to mine complete B cell repertoires for antibodies that are safer, more efficacious, and more biologically relevant.

GigaMune® Single Cell Sequencing

We use microfluidics and genomics to digitize an immune system into a DNA library. Hundreds of single cells per second are isolated into reaction compartments.

This DNA library links heavy and light chain Ig on a single-cell level. The library can produce fully functional proteins for display and affinity screening.

We also subject the DNA libraries to next-generation sequencing. Our patents-pending bioinformatics is then used to detect clonal expansion and affinity maturation.

The Cell-Seq™ Platform

Cell-Seq™ is a specialized platform that enables massively parallel single cell sequencing. Antibody discovery is the first application for Cell-Seq™, but many applications are possible.

We have already teamed up with NIH, NSF, several academic labs, and a major biopharma company.

Our collaborators are clinical and basic researchers studying immune function and disease. Contact us for information on collaborations.

Cell-Seq™ Research Services

Cell-Seq™ is now available as a research service for a limited number of customers. Contact us for a quote.